Bathroom Showers Design Ideas

Bathroom showers are the important fittings for every bathroom, as a Stylish bathroom showers not only enhance the bathroom’s decor, but also make your bath experience a pleasurable moment.  Many kind of showers are available in the market now days but you have to choose the right one. Here we are with some of the latest types of Bathroom Showers Design Ideas available in the market which add style in your bathroom and tempt you to get under the shower more than you ever like.

Bathroom Showers Design Ideas

Manual showers are the most used showers that we have been using since decades. Manual showers mechanism is hand operated and involve single handle for managing water’s temperature as well as its flow. Manual showers are suitable for high and low pressure water systems. These showers are simple in design and very affordable.

Bathroom Showers Design IdeasPower showers distribute out hot water that gets heated instantly. If your home has low water pressure, then power showers are the perfect choice for you. It mixes hot and cold water together to reach the ideal temperature, then ups water flow rate with an electric pump. Power shower uses almost three times more water than a standard electric shower, so is more expensive to run. These showers also come with a special attachment that enables pressurized spray of water.

Hand held showers give you a convenient bathing option. They can be held in hand and can be moved conveniently in any direction. They come with an attachment that can be mounted on wall and can be rested in this cradle-like attachment, when not in use.

Rain showers give you an experience of bathing under rain;   mouth of drizzle shower is larger than other kinds of showers and has many fine holes that pour out fine water droplets. These showers are rotatable and can be adjusted in the desired direction.

Bathroom Showers Design Ideas, Cubical bathroom showersCubicle Shower or shower systems are complete shower kits that come with everything including base, screen and walls Cubicle showers are Stylish, easy to install, easy to clean and relatively inexpensive.  Shower cubicles come in a variety of size and shape, intensity of the showerhead varies and can be selected as per the requirement and choice. You can opt for Square Shower Systems, Corner Shower Systems and Walk-In Shower Systems depends on your bathroom size and shape.

Mixer showers are best for homes that have high-pressure systems and a plentiful supply of hot water. Mixer showers mix hot and cold water to give you desired temperature. They generally flow faster than electric showers.  

Bathroom Showers Design Ideas, Shower tower

Shower towers are like an adding a luxury in your bathroom which gives you full body shower experience.  Shower towers feature luxurious directional jets that smooth and clean your whole body. Shower towers need fairly high pressure to perform well. Shower towers are little bit expensive than any other kind of shower but gives you unforgettable bathing experience every time.

You can opt for any above kind of shower for your bathroom; choose according to your requirement and budget.

We hope our Bathroom Showers Design Ideas will help you to get the perfect shower for your bathroom. You can opt for any kind of bathroom showers design ideas depending your requirement and size of bathroom.

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