Dining table designs for dining room

Dining table Well garnished and served food definitely enhances one’s desire to eat and when it serve on a well dressed table then it create a completely majestic dining experience. Dressing up your dining table is almost as important as your food to make a meal even more special. Always try to decorate your dining table in a way that every guest finds the food served on it appealing and reflects your personality as well as your lifestyle. Here we are with some Dining table designs for dining room to make your dinging room more functional and presentable.

Dining table designs & types

Dining table 3There are so many shapes and sizes of dining tables, you have to select one which fits in your space and gives enough seating to allow for the number of diners you want to seat comfortably and still leave enough room for to walk around it. Ideally a dining table width should be at least 36 inches wide so there is enough space for place settings as well as food and as the table length increases, so does the width of the table top.

Before purchasing the dining table first measure table-to-wall clearance and the space around the room to allow diners to sit down and get up easily from their seats. Try to leave 42-48″ between your table and the walls but If there is any other furniture in the dining space then begin your 42-48″ measurement from the edge of the furniture instead of the wall.

Dining table 11Round dining tables are great for small spaces as they fit in tight spaces and have no sharp corners which can hurt diners especially when the space is tight. More people can sit around it because it has no corners. Transparent acrylic dining chairs are best to complete the look and make a small room feel more spacious. Pedestal tables can also be used as they offer more legroom.

Dining table 9Rectangular dining tables are good choice for long, narrow room which leaves more room for traffic flow. Rectangular tables accommodate lots of guests, especially when extended with a leaf or two. To get some more space try use a bench for sitting instead of chairs on all or one side of your table which can also push under the table so you can stash it away when not in use.

Dining table 12Though Square dining tables are not very much popular like round and square dining tables but best for square rooms, it will look great mimicking the room shape around it. Choose a square table that comes with leaves that you can turn into a rectangular shape for a dinner party.

Dining table 7Go for oval or octagonal dining table to introduce curves to a boxy room. For traditional dining experience opt for Rich wood finishes and carved legs tables whereas modern dining tables are made from metals, such as stainless steel, or with chrome finishes add a glass tabletop to get contemporary style.

Dining table 1For very small dining areas opt for compact size tables with smart design. A table with self-storing leaves that pop up and lock into place is good choice to get all the benefits of an expandable table. Multifunctional Tables like cocktail table that rises to dining table height serves both the living and dining rooms.

Once you select the shape and size for your dining table it’s time to choose the Right Finish. Stained wood is the most popular finish for dining tables avoid glass top dining table for high-traffic areas or homes with lots of little fingers. For a change choose painted furniture that matches your decor.

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