How to make a small bathroom look bigger

Every home cannot have large bathroom but with a little planning and tricks we can also make small bathroom to look bigger. In today’s scenario many of us cannot get large size of bathrooms but it can also have all kind of essential features and accessories to make it fully functional. Here we are with some measures that we can take to make a small bathroom look bigger. LearnHow to make a small bathroom look bigger.

How to use mirrors to add space in bathroom

Bathroom designUse mirrors to create the illusion of a large space, go for a huge frame less mirror in a confined bathroom. A full wall covered mirror in front of the bathroom sink will take care of claustrophobic as well. The mirror will reflect all the light in the room, and pick up the color and pattern. It is very important to use the mirrors on right place in your bathroom like Mirrors across from a window will reflect light and scenery whereas a mirror across from a bathroom linen closet may not give you the impact you were looking for. Use a collection of mirrors arranged artistically in the place of one large mirror will also bring some artistic look in your bathroom.

Lighting scheme for small bathroom

Bathroom design
Lighting plays very important role in functionality of any room. It is good if you get natural light in your bathroom but if do not then choose the lighting scheme carefully. Go for Adjustable lighting to get a multi-functional bathroom. Go for Recessed lights that can be installed into the ceiling and focused on any work space. You can also go for wall sconces or a counter top lamp to add warmth in your bathroom.  Place lights wisely to avoid dark areas, go for brighter bulbs or CFL light bulbs which save money on energy consumption and gives brighter white light to eliminate dark corners in your bathroom.

Color scheme for small bathroom

bathroom design 3
Use a monochromatic color scheme in a small bathroom; it also depends on how much natural light you get in your bathroom. Try to use single color or hues of one color in your bathroom as it can make your bathroom feel larger. If you think you can keep it clean then white color is best suited for small bathroom.  Avoid strong and exciting colors however you can choose bright color accessories and towels to bring some colors in your bathroom.

How to choose fixtures for small bathroom

Choose small fixtures like small size sinks, toilets, bathtubs and shower or shower enclosures for your small bathroom which are equally functional and comfortable for every age group like any other big size fixture like use pedestal sink instead of vanity sink with cabinet below for small bathroom as they look gorgeous and take up half the space. It will be great to replace your old fixtures with some modern fixtures which are multi-functional and add some more grace and space in your small bathroom opt for brushed chrome, bronze or copper fixtures. Opt for vessel sinks placed on top of granite counter tops to add some wow factor. The walk-in shower area can be bifurcated by a frame less glass shower wall to make the bathroom look less cramped. If need be, a pull-in curtain can be put on the glass divider. It is good to use shower curtains to separate the shower area from rest of the bathroom or opt for a glass enclosure that creates a subtle and visual divider between main area and shower area of your bathroom.

Tiles for small bathroom

Bathroom design2
Tiles are the best way to cover your bathroom floor, use large and plain tiles for bathroom flooring as they give a neat and clean look to your small bathroom. Bathroom Flooring should compliment your bathroom choose from large sized floor tiles in white or lighter shades in order to make a small bathroom look bigger. Tiles which reflect light are the best to choose for bathroom walls as they reflect light which makes to feel bathroom large.

How to add Storage in small bathroom

Bathroom designStorage space is an important part of every bathroom, but sometimes it become difficult to get enough storage in small bathroom. For small bathroom floor touching closets and cabinets is not a good option go for wall mounting shelves and storage to keep toiletries. It is best to use vertical space of your bathroom for storage purpose, use the space above the doorway,  usually the wall space above 7’ feet is always wasted you can use this space for storage of toiletries, bathroom cleaners and sprays. Storage under the sink is a plus and if it has open storage it can serve decorative purposes at the same time.  Open storage shelves allow towels, baskets and other decorative items to be stored without using up room in a closet.  If you decide on open storage for your bathroom be mindful of clutter and adding too many items on the shelves.

Ceiling for small bathroom

bathroom celiling design
Ceiling plays very important role in any room, opt for gorgeous tray or vaulted ceilings to add volume and depth to a small bathroom.  Always paint bathroom ceiling white or use light blue background and subtle clouds to give the illusion that the sky is above. A light color painted screen gives a depth and elegance in your small bathroom.

Window treatments for small bathroom

Window treatment for small bathroom
If you have windows in your bathroom then a well planned widow treatment can also help you to get bigger and spacious look bathroom. For small windows in bathroom use valances or cornices, this illusion will draw the eye upward and away from the floor. Avoid heavy and dark materials for window treatments.

There are many other things which you keep in mind to make a small bathroom look bigger try to maximize floor space with minimal obstructions by keeping minimum amount of accessories on the floor. Do not leave trash like wrappers, caps and other unused things on floor to keep your bathroom clutter free.  Always keep your bathroom clean, moisture free and remove clutter from your bathroom to make a small bathroom look bigger.

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