How to take care of wooden flooring- Wooden flooring maintenance tips

Looking for How to take care of wooden flooring? Here we are with some handy tips to take good care of your wooden flooring. Wooden flooring is the best way to add some elegance and style at your home or office in just no time. It doesn’t matter what kind of wooden flooring you’ve installed but if you take care of it correctly than it can stay with you for long.

First we are going to know about the various kinds of wooden flooring available in the market. Solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, bamboo, laminate, vinyl plank, wood-look tile and cork flooring can be easily find in the market. Of these laminate flooring and hardwood flooring are the most used one. Wooden floorings not only beautify a home but also very functional too.

Though many of us prefer hardwood flooring over laminate, but the laminate flooring has several advantages when it comes to cleaning, and caring for them. Do not install laminate or hardwood flooring in wet locations like bathrooms, saunas or at an enclosed porch or veranda as these are required regular mopping or will have large amounts of water standing for long periods of time, as water causes unsightly warping or swelling so do not go for it. Laminate flooring are fade-resistant and scratch-resistant as compared to solid hardwood flooring so if you think that flooring is going to be used roughly than always give preference to laminate flooring over any other kind of flooring.

How to take care of wooden flooring

Taking care wooden flooring is very easy if you need what to use to clean the floors without damaging their natural shine and seal. Here we are with some handy tips to clean the laminate and Hardwood floor.

How to clean a laminate floor

How to take care of wooden flooring- Laminate flooringIt’s very easy to clean laminate flooring. Just Wipe down it gently with a dry dust mop or just vacuum it using the soft brush attachment comes with the vacuum cleaner. One can also use slightly damp mop or soft cloth to clean the extremely dirty floors. To clean the spills use a clean soft, dry piece of cloth, sponge, or even paper towel. To remove the rare spot or stubborn stains, simply dab some nail polish remover or acetone gently before wiping it clean with a damp cloth. Do not clean the laminate flooring with Soap-based detergents, any type of wax or polish or chemicals. Do not scratch the flooring with abrasive cleaners such as steel wool or other scouring pads. As it is always said precaution is always better than cure so prevent trouble before it begins, keep your doormat outside the house or room as it can trap the moisture and dirt and cause damage. Ensure your carpets don’t run colour, protect furniture legs with felt pads or castors, and don’t drag heavy objects across the floor.

How to clean a Hardwood floor

How to care of wooden flooring - Wooden floor design ideasTo clean the hardwood floors just sweep the floor with a soft-bristled broom that will remove large sand or grit that may scratch the floor if caught beneath a mop. You can vacuum the floor weekly for deep cleaning. A simple sweep or vacuum should cover most messes. Clean the spills immediately, you cannot allow the moisture to sit around on hardwood floors as it can damage the seal and the wood permanently. Wipe the spills with a slightly damp cloth, then dry the surface completely. Do not slide the heavy furniture pieces on wood flooring, to shift pick up and move to prevent scratches.

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