How to use Mirrors in your home decor

There are many ways for home décor like you can use picture frames, art pieces, accessories and many other things to decorate your walls but there is one more thing which is really helpful in decorating walls of any space is Mirrors which add dimension, give the illusion of space and also play with light to make the space more dramatic and bright. There are many ways to use mirrors in your home decor some of them are mentioned here. Read on to know How to Decorate with Mirrors?

Sometime before Mirrors are only used for the dressing table or at any other place like bathroom where you want to look yourself but now day’s mirrors become an essential piece of home decor. You can use mirrors in your living room, bedroom or any other place decoration. Here we are with some ideas on How to use Mirrors in your home decor.

Advantages of mirrors using in home decor

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Mirrors add dimension by giving the visual expansion in a particular room. Right Placement of mirrors creates a focal point by avoiding undesirable reflections. Mirrors act like an art piece that reflects the light to illuminate the space which increases the functionality of the space especially the dark corners of your room. Mirrors create illusion of space makes them suitable for the small rooms, as tight space seem roomier when you use large mirrors. When you hang a mirror that it reflect a window then it creates the illusion of another window in the room by making the space look bigger and brighter.

How to use Mirrors in your home decor

Mirror decorating ideas6Use full length mirrors in your bedroom decor. Place a large mirror in the empty corner of bedroom that sit on the floor, and are maximum seven feet tall. You can also use multiple mirrors to give visual interest. If you want to use mirror only for the dressing table then opt for full-scale mirror from ceiling to floor with a light framework that reflects your personality. You can also use mirrors in your headboard or above the headboard for bedroom decor.

Mirror decorating ideas3You can use mirror in your living room decor in many interesting ways. Place a large mirror on your living room wall from where it can reflect all the good things of your living room by making it visually bigger and spacious. Large mirrors are little but expensive cannot be affordable by all so buy small mirrors and paint their frames with same color and group them on the wall in the same place which also able to give clean and clutter free look to living room decor. If you have fireplace in your living room then put mirror over it is an excellent Feng Shui remedy.

Mirrors next to your dining table bring fortune and wealth. Place mirror at your dining wall or place a mirrored tabletop, which reflect strong glare from recessed lighting or chandelier bulbs this will brighten the space and make it more functional.

Mirror decorating ideas7Mirrors are essential décor item for bathroom. You can use mirrors above washbasin which help you get your clear image after every use of it. Mirrors will also reflect bathroom lights which make the space brighten and visually bigger. Mirrors in bathroom increase its utility and make it more functional space.

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The best place for mirror decoration is your foyer or entryway. This will reflect light and open up a dark entry to give a place for guests to ‘check’ themselves while entering your home. Place a small table decorates it with flowers lamp and mirror on the wall to expand the living area into this welcomed space. According to Feng Shui mirror in the entrance of your abode offers a feeling of being welcomed.

You can also use mirrored furniture in your home decor. You can get many mirror fitted furniture pieces like dining tables with mirror top, buffet tables, vanity tables, and bed with mirror headboards and even mirrored fitted sofa set for your living room. These mirrored furniture pieces will reflect light up and make it easier to play with mirrors in your home decor.

Don’ts of Decorating with Mirrors

  • Always hang a mirror on a wall opposite a painting or any other artifacts which help to reflect its image giving the object even more importance but make sure it’s reflecting something that’s worth looking at like pile of clutter or unattractive piece of furniture.
  • It is not a good idea to have mirror in kitchen as it can be easily spoiled with grease and water marks so required constant maintenance.
  • Never use mirrors on ceilings as it look cheap and very awkward.
  • Never place mirrors at the end of a hallway as it stop the flow of positive energy.

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