Right direction to place clocks in house according to Vastu

Looking for where to place wall clocks in house according to vastu? You must have heard this saying that wearing expensive watches will not change your time, as all watches tells the same time irrespective to the cost and brand. But do you know clock placed in right direction can definitely change your time. Let us know about the Vastu tips on where to place Clock in home or office which you should never ignore. By placing clocks in right direction, will bring good time for you. Read about Right direction to place clocks in house according to Vastu.

Right direction to place clocks in house according to Vastu

According to Vastu Shastra, there is a fixed place for every item in the house. If you do not keep that stuff in its place then it can bring bad luck and health related problems. According to Vaastu, placing the wall clock in the wrong place or direction can also bring you wrong time.

According to Vaastu, sweet sounds can improve the environment of the place. Place a clock have beautiful music on the wall. This leads to positive communication of energy in the house as well as the progress of the people of the house.

North and East direction is considered as the direction of growth. So try to place the wall clock on the north or east wall of your house. The clock should not be placed on the southern wall, because the direction of south is known for Yamraj (God of Death). East Direction is auspicious to hang the clock. In doing so, Laxmi arrives in the house.

Clocks not in working conditions means do not displaying time are considered inauspicious according to Vastu, it brings negative energy in the house and hinder the progress of residents.

Never place the clock over any door in the house as it passes Negative energy to the person passing through.

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