Vastu Tips to attract Money and Prosperity in home

Money and prosperity are the two basic factors, required by all to spend a peaceful and prosperous life. But in spite of all our efforts and hard work many of us not able to attract these two elements in their life. Here we are with some Vastu Tips to attract Money and Prosperity to reduce outflow of money and increase income.

To attract Money and Prosperity one has to keep the North-East corner of the house clean and full of positive energy as this direction is ruled by Kuber, the lord of wealth. Many of us have elevated North-East corner and used to keep garbage, blockages, gates, wires etc. over there which prevents the inflow of wealth and prosperity. Read on to know Vastu Tips to attract Money and Prosperity.

Important Vastu Tips to attract Money and Prosperity

  • It is not suggested to construct over-head tank in north-east direction also ensure that entrance of house is not blocked by any wire, pole, pit or any other thing.
  • Do not construct swimming pool or place water body or anything lower than the normal ground level in the South-West. This corner should always be elevated than other ground levels.
  • Place the money locker near south-west or the south wall in the south-west room or north-east so that it opens onto the north direction. Never place the locker under beam as it puts a lot of financial stress on family and business.
  • Place a mirror in front of your locker so that valuable in it reflects in mirror when opened which emblematic that your wealth is doubled. You can place the mirror on inside wall of cash locker door, so that this mirror keeps reflecting the wealth inside.
  • Do not construct staircase in North East corner or place any heavy object like machinery, ladders, heavy metal storages in the this corner.
  • Make sure to avoid any high rise buildings, temple etc. in front of NE of your plot or home as this leads to loss of wealth. If there are high rise buildings and temples then at-least make sure that their shadow doesn’t falls on your home or plot.
  • Fish aquariums good to attract wealth, so place aquarium in North east corner and keep the water dirt free and aerated. Ensure the constant movement of fish to keep the energy of wealth on the flow.
  • Sweeping the floor should be done towards the inside of the house. Never direct your cleaning actions towards the main door. This will cause a reduction in wealth. Always use covered Garbage bins.
  • Make sure all clocks within your house are in working order. Clock, which do not work bring your finances to stand still. Slow clocks signify that you are behind your due date always.
  • Curved wall in the North-East corner of the boundary wall is never recommended. Make it at right angles. Always keep the South-West portions of roof higher than the North-East portion keeping the building roof slope from SW to NE.
  • Plant big and huge trees in the South-West corner of the plot to stabilize finance. This also helps to avoid misfortunes and mishaps in family and business. Place purple collared plant in your home as purple colour denotes wealth however, if you find difficult to get a purple colour plant then keep a money plant in purple colour pot.
  • Water fountain in North-East corner of home will bring wealth and prosperity. Make sure that water in the fountain is always flowing as movement of water denotes flow of positive energy and wealth. Feed water and grains to birds to attract positive energy and wealth.
  • Main door is the point of entry in the house. So main door should always in front, If the entrance to lies at the end of a long corridor, the energy flowing towards it will be too fierce, increasing risk to your financial investments.
    Statues of Lord Ganesha or Laughing Buddha not only beautify the house but also prompt positive energies and remove obstacles, but avoid placing in the north-east corner.
  • If your expenses are going beyond control, keep live plants or grains in the toilet. It will prevent the money from going down the drain, because, symbolically, growing things reabsorb water energy and recycle it.
  • Drainage pipes should be fitted in the east or the north area of the place. Never have a dripping faucet or plumbing as it drains the finances of the house. Leaking or running pipes should be reapplied or replaced immediately as it indicate loss of wealth, so get them fixed always.
  • If the entrance and exit doors are in a straight line, this clearly means that whatever comes in doesn’t stay but goes straight out in the same direction so place a screen between the two. You can also place some plants (Palms are the perfect one) close to the entrance and exit.
  • If there are narrow passages in the house, you can hang mirrors on the wall to expand the feeling of width. If the southwest portion of the house is left vacant, Use it any way you like, even if it is for storage, as long as you go in there once in awhile.
  • Do not keep your brooms, mops and shoes under the staircase. Keeping dirty things under the stairs creates vastu defects. Also do not keep the brooms, mops and shoes in the north, north east and east directions, these directions are very pious. Do not keep the brooms standing.

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